Gerald Berenson MD

Gerald Berenson, MD

Sept, 1922 – Nov, 2018

A pioneer investigator of heart disease risk in children.and adolescents and founder of the Bogalusa Study in children

Bachelor’s in Science from Tulane University in 1943. He received his medical degree from Tulane in 1945. He then served as a doctor in the US Navy from 1945 to 1948.


Gerald Sanders Berenson was an American cardiologist, heart researcher, and public health specialist who specialized in researching the causes of heart diseases. Berenson’s fundamental research revealed that adult heart disease arises from practices and behaviors that begin in childhood. He also discovered that atherosclerosis was significantly more pronounced in individuals who had three or four cardiovascular risk factors compared to those who had none.


Lydia A. Bazzano, MD, PhD

Lynda B. and H. Leighton Steward Professor in Nutrition Research

Director, Center for Lifespan Epidemiology Research


Wei Chen, MD

Research Professor
Center for Cardiovascular Health
Department of Epidemiology


Emily Harville, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Epidemiology

Lu Qi

Lu Qi, MD, PhD

HCA Regents Distinguished Chair and Professor

Director, Tulane University Obesity Research Center


Changwei Li, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Tanika Kelly

Tanika Kelly, PhD, MPH


DOM – Nephrology, DOM – Nephrology

PhD, Genetic Epidemiology
Tulane University

Owen T Carmichael

Owen T Carmichael, PhD, BS


Director of Biomedical Imaging

Louisiana State University

Elaine M. Urbina

Elaine M. Urbina, MD, MS

Director, Preventive Cardiology, Heart Institute
Research Integrity Officer
Faculty Conflict of Interest Officer
Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Robert L Newton

Robert L. Newton, Jr., PhD


Physical Activity & Ethnic Minority Health

Louisiana State University

Jessica G Woo

Jessica G. Woo, MHSA, PhD

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics
UC Department of Environmental Health


Rhoda Au

Rhoda Au, PhD

Professor Epidemiology
Professor, Anatomy & Neurobiology – Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
Investigator – Framingham Heart Study

Vijaya Kolachalama

Vijaya B. Kolachalama, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Boston University Dept of Medicine

Using AI to detect Alzheimer’s disease dementia


David. J. Libon, PhD


Rowan University

Ferdinand Keith

Kieth Ferdinand, PhD


Gerald S. Berenson Chair in Preventative Cardiology

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Sid O’Bryant, PhD



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Geert Jan Biessels


Onbekend Partnerschap Geverifieerd

Shakira Suglia 1

Shakira Suglia

Professor, Faculty, Epidemiology
Rollins School of Public Health
Cardiometabolic Diseases

Bogalusa Hearts Study Staff

bhs staff

Lerue “Everett” Watson III Retires

watson retires
Mr. Lerue “Everett” Watson III has worked on the Bogalusa Heart Study for over 30 years, shedding light on heart disease causes and prevention. However, Everett’s path to the Bogalusa Heart Study was indirect. He taught band to Bogalusa Junior High School students from 1959 to 1989. After retiring, he wanted a part-time job doing something different than before. After talking to several people at SCOR-A (Specialized Center Of Research – Atherosclerosis, as the Heart Study was then known), Everett felt he could contribute much to the study’s ongoing projects. His desire to change the world was his motivator to join the study and assist with participant recruitment, informed consent, data collection, and physical exams for the Bogalusa Heart Study.

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